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skin series
 These works using collage and paper cuts can be seen as a way of negotiating back and forth between two and three dimensions,  a conversation that moves between the poles of image vs object, seduction vs consumption, value vs light, surface vs depth. The collages stem from two image sources, the first one is aerial, reflecting what I see as I fly back and forth over the country, looking down and ruminating about land use and morphology. The second source is a fine old printing of the Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones. The pages, especially those of ancient and colonized cultures, drew me in. The printing quality made the pages feel more like objects than images.  Placing these jewel-like swatches on faux denim felt like studying them in relation to American cultural territory. As I cut and pasted cultural history on to this ground, I listened to stories about refugees, racists, and Republican sound bites. I mulled over how to give voice to the conflict I feel about being an American right now in the world. I debated questions concerning cultural appropriation in my head as I worked.